Trigger for leads who miss an email due to communication requirements

Trigger for leads who miss an email due to communication requirements

We have multiple teams sending communications to different populations out of Marketo. We try our best not to schedule our sends on the same days but sometimes this is unavoidable. In those cases, whomever has their send scheduled for earlier in the day wins, as our communication limits prevent someone from getting more than one email on the same day.  We'd like to see a feature that allows us to recognize when someone is skipped for an email due to communication limits and sends the email on the next available day. There's a way to do this manually but it requires a lot of smart campaigns/smart lists and isn't scalable as our teams grow. For example:

I'm a lead who qualifies for Email A and am also part of a drip campaign where I'm scheduled to get the 3rd email in a series. Email A is scheduled for 7am and the drip campaign is scheduled for 8am. At 7am I get email A. I then get skipped for the drip campaign that week due to communication limits. The next week I'll get email 4 in the drip series, but I'll never see email 3 because I was skipped (unless we add something at the end of the flow). Instead of getting skipped, we'd like for email 3 to send on the next day, or even the next week, bumping email 4 to the week after.


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Duplicates this one:

And also, this may help: My email was not sent: a troubleshooting guide


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Thanks Gregoire. I had a feeling that you had covered this at some point. Our support engineer just suggested I open it as an idea, so there ya go!

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Duplicating ideas dilutes votes and make them less likely to attract PM attention.


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