Trigger campaign based on email program

Trigger campaign based on email program

I'm not sure if this is a bug or designed poorly, but we have always had triggers that change our program status and then sync with Salesforce that shows when an email has been opened or a link has been clicked within the email. It also triggers certain interesting moments within Sales Insight as well.

Well, I used an Email Program for the first time to do some split testing. I went to set up my normal trigger campaigns, but found that I can't until the actual test has been completed. Well, that means that the portion of my list that receives the test will not be coded correctly or I have to remember to set up future batch campaigns to update the status/interesting moments. This seems a bit moving backwards to me.

I'd really love to be able to pick my approved email, even if it is within an email program, to use in my trigger campaigns and the ability to set that up and turn on my triggers as prior to the email going out (which is how it should work!)
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I totally agree!

I have this issue too. I have had to create the triggers retroactively but even doing this only captures selective statuses. I haven't  found a way to send the sent or bounced statuses into Salesforce yet as it doesn't recognise the email in the trigger.

Let me know if you have any luck with this?

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I'd love to understand this a little better.

You run a test with an email program.  Let's say 10% get the test and 90% get the winner.

You have a triggered smart campaign that triggers on ______ and the flow step is ______.

Thanks. 🙂


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We do this for all campaigns, not just for an email program. It works well for normal programs. Within my programs, I have:

Trigger: Opens Email - name of email within program
Flow: Change program status  to "Open Email 1"

The other common one that we have is

Trigger: Clicks Link - name of email
Flow: Change program status to "Click Link Email 1" and Interesting moment of Clicked link within email

I want to do the same thing for my email programs, but can't because my approved email does not show up until the test is over. That means I have to go back in a 2nd time just to activate the triggers and the status does not get updated for anyone who was in the test group. 

One other item to note is that so far, my email programs are only within other programs so they do not sync to Salesforce campaigns on their own. So I have a program with a mix of emails & standard campaigns along with email programs for the ones taht we want to split test.
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Hi Amber & Glen,

I do sync mine to the Salesforce straight from the email program via the salesforce sync and have the same problem.

I think the common problem is that this version of the email send is not available prior to sending to create the trigger off.

Here is a screenshot of what the email name looks like after the test and what we need to be able to access before hand.



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