Tokens on Steroïds

Tokens on Steroïds

The purpose of this idea is to gather all requirements for the next level of program token management. Here they are :

New types of tokens required :

  • URL token types () so that managing URLs for CTAs no longer requires a 1 page how-to guide
  • Image / File token types, so that updating a image in a email or LP can be done easily without error ()
  • Form tokens types to enable changing the form in an LP without editing the LP. See
  • List and smart list tokens ()
  • Formula tokens ()
  • All tokens providing program information, tags etc... ()
  • Multi line text tokens (not rich text, but just multi-line)
  • List of values tokens ( Thx Andrew Sielen​)
  • Select field tokens, so that the standard user cloning programs has the possibility to choose values within a limited list (in conjunction with limited rights, see below). See , thx Robb Barrett
  • Color picker tokens (), which settings could be restricted to a limited set of values.
  • Program level or campaign level UTM tokens that would be automatically appended to emails links
  • PURL tokens (see )
  • Asset (email, Landing page) tokens, that would provide the asset name, the asset ID, the asset template (see )
  • Tokens that could store value lists to be used in forms 2.0 select field values (see )
  • User/sender tokens should also be available for MSI emails: (Thx Josh Hampleman ),   (Thx Aqeel Akbar) and
  • Change the Date Token to a DateTime.  When used for a webinar it'd be nice to be able to put in the time of the webinar, not just the date, so that we could use the token on reg page.
  • Have a Time Token that automatically parsed it into local timezones. If I set the token for 12:00 CST it'd be nice if it showed up as 1:00 EST on the landing page, based on their locale.
  • Tokens to set CRM users that could be used in lead assignment flow steps. See

Furthermore, we should be able to access campaign/program member values as tokens, including SFDC custom fields on the campaign member object (see ​)

We should also be able to access all SFDC campaign fields as tokens in Marketo programs. See , , , and this one and this one: ​.

Of course, all these would be used in flow steps (such as change data values, interesting moments, SFDC task creation, etc...) and in assets

Token management also needs some significant improvement :

  • We should be able to know easily where a token is used (see , thx 54930​​ and , thx Jordan Lund
  • Token name change should be propagated to where they are used (see , thx Boris Kiperas​​)
  • We should be able to nest tokens (, thx 77896c23b3a73646ac738677aabf9c4454ddc324​​ and , thx 3f4b511b1ff3aa191ec9a659bd8f25e857df9b7e​)
  • Token definition should be separated from token value entry. We should be able to control who can create / delete tokens or edit token names or settings (see ) and it should also be possible to control who has the right to edit token values.
  • Cloning tokens should be easy (see , thx Cecile Maindron​) and moving them should be done without having to recreate them (see )
  • It should be possible to override token values down to each asset (see , thx @Alan Brown)
  • We also would need to have the token inheritance to be brought to full power with root folder tokens (see )
  • It would be welcome if the tokens could be ordered in programs or folders to make them easier to manage. See
  • Ability to create validation rules on token, to ensure correct entries (Thx Robb Barrett​)
  • Token input should be submitted to some validation. See
  • It should be possible to append some help text to tokens. See

Finally, token usage should also be strengthened :

  • "My tokens" could be used as default values for field tokens (see )
  • My Tokens to be used to be default values for forms 2.0 fields, including hidden ones (Thx 14675​) see here
  • More token drop lists everywhere tokens can be used.
  • Using local tokens in forms 2.0    (Thx Dan Stevens​). Great one
  • It should be possible to use tokens in filter and trigger parameters and constraints. See (Thx Jeff Shearer​) and more globally in all smart lists in smart campaigns. See (Thx Dan Stevens​)
  • UTM tokens should automatically be appended to all email links. see
  • It should be possible to update {{my.token}} values from within a smart campaign. See
  • Use of tokens to populate form field list of values ()
  • Program, lead and company tokens should render in MSI. See (Thx Alex Stanton)

All these improvements, combined, would lead Program + tokens technology to a unmatched productivity tools for marketers in small to very large teams.



Hi Justin Cooperman​,

I understand you are already working on a few of these. Would be nice to get your feedbacks, ETA, etc...


Level 10 - Champion Alumni

I'd like to add this capability to the list: Using local tokens in forms 2.0


Adding using tokens as default values for form fields

adding the idea of using tokens to fill out hidden fields.

Adding the idea of UTM tokens that would be used to automatically tag all email links.


Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Here's one for you to add, Grégoire Michel :

Hi Dan,

Thx, Added 🙂


Level 8

Additionally, I don't know if it's in one of these but being able to use tokens in smart lists and IF / THEN steps would be nice. Either "IF {{my.Token}} = "this" THEN "that"" or "If FieldValue = {{my.Token}} THEN this"

or "WHERE FieldName = {{my.Token}}"

Hi Robb,

Thx 🙂

The last one is already in the list and added the 2 above.