Token for program name

Token for program name

I was surprised to see that there's no token for program name,

I saw tokens for campaign name and similar, but no "program name".

There are cases where I want to present something in activity log and I want to use the program name i.e. user clicked a link on the email *program name*.

There are many other samples.

I hope you'll be able to create such a thing ASAP..



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Wanted to add a use case to this idea: I like to keep all my email blasts/programs centralized together, which means they live outside of programs they are promoting (e.g. a webinar). But if I want activities related to an email program promoting the webinar to affect smart lists/flow steps inside the webinar program itself, each time I clone it I'll have to go through and set them manually. If there was a token for programs, I would only have to do it once at the token level, and have that feed down into the smart list/flow step areas.

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I'll two three additional use cases

  • Program Name token in a Webhook URL parameter would be incredibly useful.
  • Program Name token as a variable value for business tracking--for example, a client uses an additional "Form Source" field that syncs to SFDC for sales team last-touch attribution (don't ask; it's complicated), whose value usually matches the program name. A token for that value would save a ton of time.
  • Program Name token as URL parameter!

See here:

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We are working on this now for our Q3 release.

I would love this. Was just looking for this and was also surprised to see it wasn't there. Is this going to be in the release scheduled for September 23rd?

Here's a question related to this. (Or maybe not.)

In the "Creating" example on this page​, under "Call" in the following string, where [id] appears, what's the expected value?


Is it the ID designated by Marketo for the program? (The portion which appears at the end of the URL in the browser bar? "MF1047C3" or something similar.)

We're looking to create a webhook that will delete and create tokens within the program which called it. It seems like the best way would be to use that code, which,  it seems, is absolutely unique within our instance, and doesn't change for that program.

Wondering if there are other program tokens coming and whether they'll allow us to do what I described above.

E-mail today from Cheryl Chavez included the following notes on the September 23rd release.

Other Great Features:

• Email 2.0 Enhancements – introducing “module level” variables, code editor searching, tokenized images, and more!

• Multiple Branding Domains – add multiple branding domains for email tracking links

Program Tokens – new tokens for Program Name, Description, and ID

• Enterprise Key – remotely install the Marketo add-in for Outlook

• Web Personalization Campaigns – specify a time delay for web personalization campaigns to react on your website

• Content Analytics & Recommendations Export – view content analytics and recommendations data offline

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