Support Outlook plugin for Office 365

Support Outlook plugin for Office 365

It would be great if the Outlook plugin was supported for Office 365


Marketo Employee

Marketo Sales Engage will be supporting Office 365

Most of the Sales people are using Office 365, it would be more helpful to them to support this feature.

Off course, for some extra $$, this is unaceptable, MSI mass emails are not supported in SFDC Lightining and the MSI Outlook pluging hasn't beed updated for years, today is usless, promisses an more promisses. Now 2019 and no solution.

Marketo Employee

The MSI plugin will work with the Outlook for Windows desktop client if you are a subscribed to O365. However, we do not support OWA or Mac at this point in time.

Are many of your users using the OWA and Mac versions of Outlook? 

I don't undestand how the pluging will work if I have O365, that doesn't make any sense since the plugin gets installed in the Office desktop app......

Marketo Employee

Hi Diego,

You are correct, the MSI Outlook plugin only works with the Windows desktop client. However, the desktop client can be a part of O365. O365 is commonly confused as being a product when it is actually a subscription based service that Microsoft offers to give users access to a plethora of different products. If you subscribe to O365 you can get access to Outlook for Windows, Mac, and Web (sometimes the web app is thought of as O365). If you are a subscriber of O365, go to your Outlook desktop version and check the about section, here you can see if you are running the O365 version of the desktop app. This means you will be getting one of the most up to date versions of Outlook.


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Our users across Windows and Mac desktops use outlook, but our IT organization prefers the newer Outlook 'application' based installs versus the older 'plugin' style integrations.   Any update as to whether MSI will be packaged as an Outlook application for both Windows and Mac?

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