Show form fields in form summary view

Show form fields in form summary view

Currently, if you want to see which fields a form has, you have to go the form, and edit form, which creates a draft of every LP that uses the form. Then you have to re-approve those pages, and you might mistakenly approve something in that process. 

It would be nice if when you clicked on a form name in the tree, the summary view showed you which fields (and hidden fields) that form utilized. 

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Hey Ari,

Landing pages that use forms don't become drafted as a result of the above.  

If you simply close the editor (instead of clicking "Approve and Close" from the "Finish" screen), though a draft of the form will be created, it won't draft the LPs that the form is used on.

That said, I think that a draft of the form being created, just by clicking to the field details screen (without making changes), is not desired behavior.  I'll have to look into this.  

Thanks for the heads up!

Community Manager
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