Send sample of all versions of dynamic content email

Send sample of all versions of dynamic content email

We have many emails with dynamic content, and most of the time we can just preview them to ensure the content is correct. But, if we need to send samples of these emails it becomes incredibly cumbersome to send a sample one by one. It would be great if we could send a sample of all of the different variations of a dynamic content email in one shot. See this thread for more detail:  Testing dynamic content in emails

Also, apparently this used to be a feature, but it was removed? Testing dynamic emails Definitely something that should be brought back.

If we can't have this feature back, it would be great if we could at least have a send sample to me button:


That feature will still be there (in the first thread you linked to) but we cannot do all variations of the email. We have to cap it at 100.

If you have 5 dynamic elements that have 5 segments each, that is suddenly 3,000+ different possible versions of the email...

Hi Justin Cooperman,

Could you confirm if this feature is still available? We're still using email editor 1.0 and are no longer receiving sample emails when we select "Send Variations from Lead List" in the Send Sample Email dialog box. Support is saying this option is not available.

The feature is supposed to be working but looks like we have an open P1 bug open this feature in both Email 1.0 and Email 2.0 (makes no difference). Should be fixed ASAP.

P.S. switch to Email 2.0! It has full parity (+ more) with Email 1.0. We'll be moving all customers over anyway in 2017.

Thank you for the confirmation, Justin! We're in the process of moving to 2.0 now. We'll hopefully be live in the next month or so.

Is it resolved now? I see it working for me. I want to make sure it works for you as well.

Yes! I just tested it this morning and the feature is working again.  Thank you for following up!

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