Send an email based on average time lead opens emails

Send an email based on average time lead opens emails

It would be nice if Marketo could calculate the average time of day when each lead opens their emails and send at that time. We live in a 24/7 world and people work all shifts. Also, sending emails at 8am means getting caught in the glut of marketing emails sent at 8am. What if we knew what time of day people tended to read their emails and we could personalize the experience by sending at that time?

Maybe some people read their marketing emails at night, or early in the morning, or at 4am.  It'd be nice to send it when they have the best chance of opening it, per person.


Hi Robb,

Do you imagine a average time for each lead ? or an average time per email ?


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Per lead. Marketing automation is about personalization, right?  I work in Healthcare which is a 24/7 job. There are probably slow periods at night where doctors actually have time to read emails, as opposed to first thing in the morning when they're on their rounds. That's my example. However, the hospital CEO works from 9-5. If I know that he tends to open emails at 3pm-4pm that's when I want him to see the notification of my new email.

Hi again Robb,

Makes sense to me as well

The only difficulty is that, in the case of your CEO, if I always send him emails at 9AM, It's unlikely I would ever know that he reacts better at 3:30PM. And if I try to send him 1 email every week with a different hour each time, I may have 1 open at 2 PM. which not really enough to compute an average.


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You're right about that, so there would have to be some sort of default, maybe at a segment level. Or, we set the email to launch at 9am. If it's his first time getting an email, it launches at 9am. Maybe he needs X number of times to open before it makes the average. Look, I only took a little bit of statistics in college and I'm obviously only good enough to be a corporate spammer for a living so I'm not the expert on how to test and validate. Let Marketo figure that part out.

This would solve the problem of global emails though.

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Robb - is this kind of what you're asking for?:

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