See Tokens used by

See Tokens used by

It would be great to see a list of places throughout a program where your program tokens are being used.
Even if there was some way to run an audit to do the same thing that would work as well.

This would help to know if tokens are no longer being used or to see if there are any other places it is being used that are not initially apparent.


HI Rachel,

There is a bug with token deletion. I have observed in on many instances. Log a case to support so that they know you are impacted as well.

Our cases on this issue have been escalated a while ago, but I have no recent news.

In the meantime, you can just rename your token "To Be Deleted #n-Do No Use" and let it there.


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Thanks! I think we have opened a ticket in the past, but I thought that maybe there was a solution I hadn't seen. I will open it now

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There is a broader issue on not seeing what everything is used by e.g. design studio assets.  Would help so much in streamlining what is in Marketo.

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To keep this going, if search could be expanded to have an option to search within emails (in the html) that would be great for finding errant tokens, old links, etc. Also yes, I've noticed a problem with token deletion. Token are definitely not used anywhere, but since at one time they were they cannot be deleted.

Hi Liz, you probably have found this by now, but on the Edit Draft page for an email there is a button called Edit Code.  Click that, then in the top right there is a button to Search Code.  You can even search and replace too.  Unfortunately... that can only go so far.  I too have the same issue where I have removed all mentions of a particular token and Marketo prevents me from deleting it... very frustrating, so I just took Grégoire Michel's advice and just renamed them with "zzTO BE DELETED" in front of them.  Doesn't help with the cleanliness/organization OCD, but here we are anyway...

Several years later........ and we still have the same bug. Sad

Yeah. I agree. One of the reasons we moved to Marketo is that we had such headaches with our previous version of Eloqua managing relationships between assets. You'd think this would have been addressed by now.

(We need this more than we need a new UI.)

Hi Osman,

The point is, these features that require additions or changes to the UI will not be done on the old interface, for various reasons (including cost of dev and complexity). It's one of the promises of Sky UI to makes these changes easier and cheaper, and therefore more likely to be done. So wait and see. and let's keep voting


Let's hope. 

Now if I could only find the time to familiarize myself with Sky. 

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