Schedule trigger campaigns to turn on and off

Schedule trigger campaigns to turn on and off

It would great to be able to schedule when a trigger campaign should turn on and off.

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This would be fantastic!!

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If I could vote multiple times, then this would definitely get the treatment.  Managing trigger campaigns is very painful right now.  Come on Marketo - you like it and it has tons of points. It's #6 in your list if We Like It! (as of today)

Yes, this certainly would reduce the number of active trigger campaigns and speed up our instance.

Hi Marketo, I see this idea is tagged as "DONE (PARTIALLY)". Can you elaborate on what that means exactly?

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I'd like to know how we can use this "feature" if this is DONE (PARTIALLY)"

I'd love to know what we are able to do now since this is tagged as "DONE (Partially)". Also when will it be completely done?

Hi Rachel,

this is is available in the sky user interface. You cann access it in Beta.

will be complete when the new interface is fully released.


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Status changed to: In Production