SSO Support for WebEx Event Partner Integration

SSO Support for WebEx Event Partner Integration

Some of our Customers use Single Sign On to login to various tools and products including WebEx. It would be great if Marketo supported SSO for the WebEx login for the Event Partner Integration.
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As a customer that recently implemented SSO for WebEx, wew are unable to load webex credentials as a new service in Marketo. Having the ability to integrate with WebEx SSO would greatly improve our utilization of Marketo as we do numerous WebEx training and demos for our business prospects and subscribers.

This would be a great add! Otherwise it would cause a companywide interrupt to remove the current SSO implementation in place. This is a necessity as we run Monthly Webinars for our current and future clients. Please fix this!

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Support for SSO for Webex integration would be great. Just tried to add Webex as a Launchpoint service and ran square into Marketo's lack of support for single sign-on credentials. Spent good amount of time trying to identify why I couldn't add Webex as a service.

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Been trying to add WebEx as a Launchpoint service for a while now, and suspected that our SSO might be the problem. It's a bummer that our IT efforts to make the company's everyday work more efficient renders Marketo obsolete. Even more discouraging is the fact that since only a fraction of Marketo's customers utilize the Webex integration capabilities, and an even smaller group of those have SSO, the "Maybe One Day" status will probably never change.

We were able to resolve this issue at one of our client as follows:

1. In order to integrate WebEx with Marketo, you need username and password that is not managed by SIngle Sign On  (SSO)

2. If SSO login is set up, only admin users can have a non-SSO user name and password

3. Admin rights can be given in Read-Only mode

Therefore: For each user that needs to set up a WebEx Event Center, give them Read-Only Admin rights and set them up with a non-SSO username and password. Once we figured out the solution, it took the WebEx admin just 10 minutes to get it done.

I hope it helps.

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We are switching from GoToWebinar to WebEx and have this exact issue... integration worked fine until IT turned on WebEx SSO. Pavel, would you please provide more details or screen shots on where/how they set "Read-Only Admin rights and set them up with a non-SSO username and password up the user as Admin in read-only mode?" WebEx support has not been able to provide this info and asked IT to setup trace logs, etc. Hard to believe this is not a common issue with Marketo-WebEx integration with SSO. Thanks!!

Hi Matt, unfortunately I do not have access the the admin settings for the

WebEx - this has been done by the IT team at client site.

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 5:41 PM, Matt Pawl <>

Does anyone know if this is on roadmap to support. We have been fine with our SSO for last 6 months but then yesterday synch broke and when i tried to reset it wouldn't let me. Marketo advised the reason it was working last 6 months is the service had been set up before we moved to Webex SSO and now that we are Webex SSO we can re launch the service.

This is a pretty big flaw in the product as moving to SSO a very common initiative for companies.

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