Report to show all lead records with Sync Failures

Report to show all lead records with Sync Failures

It would be great to have a report to run that showed all lead records with sync failures and let you filter on different status and time periods.

You can get notified when a sync failure occurs but finding the individual records that were affected requires looking at the results tab of every campaign that was running when the failure occured.

With the report we could both recover from integration failures and fix flaws in campaign logic that may not have been caught in testing.

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Try using the "not' synced with Salesforce filter allong with the trigger watching for engagment to populate a list..
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Hey Sharon,

I agree that this would be a great feature to have.  For the moment, I've recommended to users for whom this is a major concern to add the following steps to their lead lifecycle campaign which syncs new leads to SFDC to alert to possible sync failures:

Sync Lead to SFDC

Wait 5 Minutes

Send Alert
If SFDC Type [Person] is Empty Send Possible Failure Alert
Default Choice: Do Nothing

This will send out an alert if 5 Minutes after a Sync Lead step the lead has not acquired an SFDC type.  I would recommend adding the Email and Name tokens to the email to identify the lead.  These criteria are generally a good indicator of failures for trigger campaigns which create new records in SFDC, though I do not recommend it for batch campaign syncs, as the sync step can become backlogged and cause inappropriate alerts to go out.
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