Reclassify Out of Office soft bounce replies

Reclassify Out of Office soft bounce replies

Marketo can report a high number of soft bounces in Smart Lists that go onto Open/Click emails and don't show in the Email Performance Report.

The majority of these are returned with the reason '550 [internal] [oob] The message is an auto-reply/vacation mail.'
Marketo currently interprets this return code as a soft bounce action and I would like to see this reclassified to not be marked as such. 

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For some reason, this code didn't exist in two different Marketo instances prior to August 2019. Since that time, we've received thousands. Complicating the issue is a bounce management campaign, calling for all contacts with 3 soft bounces in 90 days to be marked email invalid. As a result of this ooo classification, we've been inadvertently marking contacts Email Invalid for 9 months. 


Very surprised that this is the only post about this issue, since that bounce management campaign was built from a popular community post - literally everyone who implemented it would have this issue. Granted, I've only looked in two instances but they are wholly unrelated - and have the same exact circumstances.


If you're reading this.. see how many Email Bounce Soft Details contains auto-reply/vacation results you get for before August 1, 2019. Then look for after.


Am I missing a data retention cutoff that removes those bounces? I've got countless other bounce codes from before August 1, 2019 so I really don't think that's it.