RTP Dialog/Widget Campaigns

RTP Dialog/Widget Campaigns


1. Disable on mobile check box. These ads are not very mobile friendly in some instances.

2. Tagging onto number one, mobile responsiveness.

3. Time delay on pop up. Be able to state 5, 10, 15, etc. seconds for a delay before popping up.

4. More variety of templates.

Level 4

Hi Morgan,

Thanks for your idea, we already working on some of these improvements you mentioned, stay posted for updates.

Level 2


Does anyone know if the mobile responsiveness has been fixed at all? Any updates here?

Level 4

See the following docs that address these requests related to mobile responsiveness, previewing how campaigns look on mobile and adding when a campaign displays on load, delay, scroll, exit intent! http://docs.marketo.com/display/DOCS/Release+Notes%3A+Summer+%2717#ReleaseNotes:Summer

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