Override Campaign Limit in Email Send Programs

Override Campaign Limit in Email Send Programs

In the Admin section, under Smart Campaigns, you can set a limit on the number of leads a smart campaign can act on. When users are running a smart campaign, in the Schedule tab, they can manually override the limit. The advantage is an added security measure for users to acknowledge the number of leads their smart campaign is acting on.

For Email Send programs however, there is no currently no mechanism in place to override the smart campaign limit. As a result, our options currently are to get rid of the smart campaign limit, or run email send programs only for distribution lists that are below the limit.

My suggestion would be for Marketo to enable the same limit override option on email send programs as they have on smart campaigns.


It's more of a bug than an idea. Either way, I like it!

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AND if this is an issue, the Campaign Status should say "Campaign Failure" not "Waiting to Run" for HOURS...

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