One-Click "Send Sample Email!"

One-Click "Send Sample Email!"

It would be fantastic if the send sample email dialog box were intelligent... I send tests to myself all the time, and have to populate my email address for the tokens every. single. time.

It'd be great if there were a one click process for this...

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yes, or even just as an additional option that is "send me" since it already knows who I am.

Bonus for predefining send groups

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Love this idea!

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To add onto this wishful intelligence, it'd be great to be able to track the history of proof sending in the Marketo tool. Tricky to remember which samples have already been sent in high-volume situations, thus my colleagues are liable to receive multiple sample emails with repeat content.

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Hey Joe, here's the original idea that I created for something like this!

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Thanks, Dory Viscogliosi​!​

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