Offer enhanced email performance and engagement reports

Offer enhanced email performance and engagement reports

I think it goes without saying that Marketo could use an overhaul of its reporting engine - especially when compared to competitors (and even low-cost self-service ESPs).  I attended an "Email on Acid" webinar today and they were showing the many types of reports and dashboards that are available when testing the performance of emails (I highly encourage Marketo engineers/product team to attend one of these webinars to get some worthwhile inspiration).

One metric that caught my eye was the enhanced "Opens" metrics (check out the 3 levels of open value based on the open duration in the "Engagement" dashboard below).  As we all know, "opens" by themselves is a very unreliable metric.  But by enhancing this level of reporting like "EoA" does, we can get better insight as to who is actually opening/reading the emails.  Obviously the ability to provide this metric exists.  It would be great if Marketo offered this - and many of the other types of enhanced metrics/dashboards - to its customers.

Also, each of charts/metrics within the dashboard should be clickable so that you can drill-down into the underlying data (instead of having to manually create smart lists for this information).




Liliana Cheng,Sorry for the delay in response.  I just had my profile moved to my new Marketo instance.

I am sorry to say that I have seen nothing about Heat Map function. Seems like a no-go for Marketo I am sad to say.


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This is one of the biggest features I miss from email service providers and other marketing automation software I've used in the past. I would be thrilled if Marketo implemented reporting like this.

Please Marketo, get with the program and add these metrics. I went from Campaign Monitor to Marketo. Although there is no comparison with regard to automation, the ease and look of engagement and metrics reporting is a real disappointment.  Total Lack Luster!

Also wanted to add, with Hubspot making some strong additions to their platform, Marketo better ramp up their game. Management wants to see Smart looking graphs not lists and they don't want to wait all day either.

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I would really love to see a report by that compared Email Client as well as an Inbox performance report that shows how many emails were delivered to the Inbox rather than the spam folder. I plan on using a combination of Smart Lists and !Litmus reports to try and accomplish this but it could be so much easier if this was already built into Marketo.

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