Offer advanced filter logic in RCE

Offer advanced filter logic in RCE

It would be extremely useful if advanced filter logic - just like you can use in smart lists - was available within Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE).  For example, when running an "Email Analysis" report, we want to report on specific links clicked within our emails:



Currently this is not possible - you can only include CONTAINS or NOT CONTAINS logic (not both)


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Hi Dan, great feedback, thanks for submitting!

Would you mind sharing an example of the type of advanced filtering you'd like to do in RCE?

Unlike the operational reports that are included under the Analytics menu in Marketo, RCE is a full Business Intelligence (BI) tool and has a very different reporting engine that powers it.  Unortunatley, it isn't compatible with the ad-hoc nature of adding a Smartlist directly to a RCE report, and that's why you don't see SmartList support in RCE.

That said, many/most of the filters that normally would go into a SmartList, can be added separately as RCE report filters -- either with available fields per report, or by mapping over custom fields into RCE from the 'RCA Admin / Custom Field Sync' tool.


Brian Theodore
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Hi Brian - In addition to the example I provided above, really any filter where we want to include both CONTAINS and/or NOT CONTAINS logic.  The filters themselves are extremely limited.

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