New trigger filter value on "Score is Changed" of 'At Least'

New trigger filter value on "Score is Changed" of 'At Least'

Right now there are two filters on the "Change" choice in the Score is Changed trigger: Is and Is Not. It would be immensely helpful to be able to drill down to only changes that were positive or negative (e.g. "only leads that increased by at least 5"), or that moved from one level to another (e.g. "only leads that went from a score below 10 to a score above 20").

My desired Choice list:


Is Not

Greater Than

Less Than




Hi Gordon,

as a workaround, there are 2 ways to trigger on score changes. You can use "score is changed" or "Data value changes". And the later has more options, especially "new value" and "old value".



Would add

  • increased by at least
  • decreased by at least

and also the"old value" and "new value" constraints that are available on "data value changes".


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Using Data Value Changes makes sense, and yes I can use New and Previous values to accomplish this - thanks!

This feels like a functionality gap for the score field in particular. Hopefully Marketo can incorporate the changes for any number-based field, but especially score.

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might be nice to even just have whether the change was positive or negative. Sometimes I don't care what the score is, or was, just that it went up or down

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Hi Greg,

With the workaround, is it possible to have a trigger that only fires on positive score changes? It doesn't look like you could say "Data Value Changes", New Value greater than {Previous Value} and that you could only choose a static number.

I want my campaigns to start only when scores go up (instead of when they're automatically decremented by some of my other campaigns). Is the best way currently to say "Score is Changed", "Change is +1"? This works, but if we add +10, we'd be missing out so this isn't ideal.



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I tried doing the workaround mentioned above for a trigger in the Revenue Cycle Model we are building. We are trying to set it up so that people move from Recycling back to Engaged once their score changes positively in any way, shape or form. We implemented the workaround above to try and accomplish this. I can see that the score is changing positively on the leads that we are testing in their activity log, but their revenue cycle stage still remains recycling, indicating that the logic isn't working. Any idea why?

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