Nested Tokens

Nested Tokens

I'm wondering if there's a capability of nesting tokens within other tokens.  For example, if I want to send an alert with a lead's phone number, and if that field happens to be blank, use their email address as the default.

{{lead.Phone Number:default={{lead.Email Address}}}}

Depending on the data set, this could have great application on landing pages, as well.  I thought we were really on to something, but I received token errors when trying to incorporate this idea.
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VTL can't refer to {{my.tokens}} directly (it can pull previously set variables from the Velocity context).

Unless you meant custom objects, a whole other monster.

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Yes. Sorry for adding confusion. I mean pulling previously set variables in velocity.

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It makes me nervous that Sandy threw the word "monster" in there, so I maintain my original stance that Marketo needs to figure this ish out

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