Need a live chat

Need a live chat

Hi Team,

It would be very useful if there is a live chat feature in the support site. Every time when we faced any issue which need a immediate response we can contact the person in live chat.

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I love this idea. I know the engineers played around with it because I had the chance to use it once. It was awesome! Hope to see it implemented.

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Rajagopal C stay tuned, Marketo Support is working on adding this support channel.

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Its been great if we got live chat...No need of adding support cases for minor issues and we can get quick answers instead waiting for a longtime due to the various timezone constraints

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What's the status of live chat for customer support? There are requests dating back as far as 3 years asking for this functionality, and it's apparently "in progress". But it seems like it's taking a long time to get something as simple as online chat implemented.

Hi all! This one's done now and live chat support is enabled! Authorized Support Contacts will see the chat option and all the full details can be found here: Marketo Live Chat Support

Sorry for not marking this one as complete sooner, but we've got the chat option ready to go!

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Status changed to: In Production