NOT desactivate automatically trigger campaigns - Whitelisting folder/campaign

NOT desactivate automatically trigger campaigns - Whitelisting folder/campaign

I have a case were we have 800 programs, with one document to send for each. People fill out a form, and go into a program. But, every 6 months, if some programs are still empty, the trigger is desactivated by Marketo. 


I would like to be able to choose which campaigns / which folders do not have to be desactivated AT ALL. 

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Two thoughts:

  1. You do get advance notice, so you can prevent your smart campaigns from being deactivated.
  2. If nobody has gone through the flow in 6 months, is it worth keeping your document online? From a customer perspective, it looks like there is no need for it?
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I actually get the notifications, but how do you prevent then ? Because Marketo says it's only a manual action, or that someone needs to qualify in the campaign. 

Yes, it's a library online, we want people to be able to consult all documents. But I understand your point. 

Thank you for this 🙂 

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@Noemie_Ferret If you move the smart campaign, or quickly turn it off and back on it resets the 6-month window! 

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Jessica is exactly right, that stops the campaign being deactivated by the cleanup.