Multi-Line Plain Text Tokens

Multi-Line Plain Text Tokens

Tokenizing is great, but creating plain-text versions of your tokens becomes a nightmare if you have a variable number of paragraphs in the rich-text version. It would be great to have a type of token that was plain text, but could support characters like line breaks for those situations where you need more than one line of plain text, but don't know how many lines you need.

This is a different approach to a similar need here:

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I definetily think this would be a huge improvement in terms of automation. It might be worth to consider adding a text version for the rich-text token.

This would be a huge help. Even just if the plain text type supported \n

How about if Marketo stripped out the HTML when copying rich text tokens to text versions? That would help at least.

Or even just let you use the html editor as a plain text editor. So instead of trying to fix your code and force it into html spec, it just gave a warning if it wasn't valid html.

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