Map opportunity products to use them in opportunity filters and triggers

Map opportunity products to use them in opportunity filters and triggers

It would be great if the opportunity products be mapped as well, so that we could use them as constraints in opportunity related filters and triggers. This would required that the opportunity product and the product tables be mapped, so that we could select products by their name. The product name, product family, product code and product description should be usable, as well as any custom field.

Some specific operators would be needed such as "is only", in addition, to the "is", "is not", "contains", etc...


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I would love to expand this to cover the Opportunity object in general. I'm not sure why we couldn't pull any field over. For instance, we list potential competitors on the opportunity. Having that data in Marketo to help craft email copy would be advantageous.

Hi Devin,

What you are referring to is possible if your competitors are listed in an opportunity field. If they are in a sub-table, though, then you are right, this is not possible yet.


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Has anyone found a decent way to combine Opportunity info & marketo data in the absence of this mapping? Considering using Tableau or other  BI to join the data.


This mapping is greatly needed.

@marketo is there any updates on this?

I really need to be able to do this.  @marketo it looks like this has been a request for two years, any update?

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