Have a hard limit to database size

Have a hard limit to database size

Marketo really needs to institute a hard limit to the lead database size, such as exists for other features of the product like the number of engagement programs or daily API calls, for example.

First, an allegory:
In rural, northwest Oregon, where I grew up, there's a common saying which most everyone knows but is especially important there: "Good fences make good neighbors". To avoid conflicts over cows grazing or trees being logged on the wrong property, landowners make sure that property boundaries are clearly defined, preferably with a fence, and are not crossed without explicit permission from your neighbor. This is an important institution to keep neighbor relations friendly and cooperative rather than hostile - so conversations with your neighbors are about how to work together or to invite each other over for dinner, instead of suing each other for timber theft or damage caused by livestock. Good partner relationships aren't so different from good neighbor relationships.

As it stands, customers are capable of going significantly over their database size and staying there, whether it is due to miscommunication, lack of human resources to analyze and clean data, or any other reason. Although I do not believe it is Marketo's intent, the fact that a customer has been over compliance is effectively used to force customers into an upgrade, for the remainder of their contract, which they may neither need nor want, and it can be perceived as disingenuous. If Marketo had a hard limit to the lead database size, along with automatic notifications when the contracted limit is being approached (maybe at 85% or 90% of capacity) and when the cap begins being enforced, it could go a long way toward maintaining a positive business relationship with customers. Marketo would still have upsell opportunities to offer upgrades, but the customer would have the option of automatically remaining with their current contract.

- Grant

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I'm not sure I agree here.

What would be a good idea is for the Admin area to act more like SFDC and show the current counts vs. Limits. It's quite easy to see you are near the limit or over it and Marketo is pretty loose about not enforcing the limits until renewal time. Sure, they'd love to get you to upgrade. They also recognize that not everyone in the database is active and that you may not be focused on capping the lead limit. I always tell my clients to clear out the inactive and invalid leads twice a year at a minimum or at least a month or two before the renewal.

But what happens if you hit the limit because of a big list import or your product goes viral? Should they just dump those leads into the ether?

It would also be nice if they could clearly post the rules about what counts. It's gotta be one of the top FAQs on the forums over the years.

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Hi Grant,

I fully agreed with Josh on this.

Furthermore, as a former product manager in the software industry, I can tell you one thing: it's of the best interest of a vendor to let you over consume and send you the bill afterwards .


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