Filter Operational Emails from Email Performance Report

Filter Operational Emails from Email Performance Report

It should be possible to filter operational emails from the email performance report. Currently, the only way to do this is to enforce naming conventions across all emails and exclude from reporting.

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Why would you want to exclude these?

You'd probably be able to group your OP emails in folders and only select those when you want to run a report on those emails, rather than on others.

Really depends what kind of EPR you are running.

If you are in Email Insights, sure that could help a bit. Sounds like you would benefit more from using the standard EPR.

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Let's say you want to report on all emails in a workspace through EPR, but only want to report on marketing emails. You need to manually search and filter out any non-marketing emails in excel. If we are using MPTs with operational emails built into the MPTs, the approach of deselecting OP folders is still cumbersome. 

Would also be beneficial to filter and see how variations of OP emails perform, reducing say number of reminder emails.

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That's a tough call. It would be nice.

Generally OP emails always outperform promo emails because they are expected and hopefully "impt". 

Not sure what you are reminding people about. Too many op reminders for events may annoy people. Product reminders depends on the scenario.

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Typically webinar, event reminders. Agreed that customers may find these annoying, but it would be nice to quickly validate the assumption via filtering in a report - aside from manually doing so in Excel of course.

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