Enable Tracking of Skype URI Links

Enable Tracking of Skype URI Links

Currently when Marketo wraps Skype URI links, the redirect causes a 404 error as the tracking server does not understand how to handle the URI.  The current workaround is to use the mktoNoTrack class on the link to prevent tracking, but then that removes a potentially useful data point for marketers.

Example of Skype URI:

<a href="Skype:JesseJames?chat">Chat with Jesse</a>

Error and URL Sample (domain redacted):


404 Not Found

The redirect url is empty

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Have you attempted to use the mktNoTok solution? This solution will strip the tracking links from the URLs but will still allow for tracking of the click activity in the Email asset.

Refer to the green tip box in the following KB article:

Disable Tracking for an Email Link
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Unfortunately the issue is on the redirect side, even using the mktNoTok didn't resolve the issue.  Only when we prevent the shortened URL/tracking did the link work again.
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