Enable Admin to map account and lead fields

Enable Admin to map account and lead fields

Just fix this annoying issue that require that we go through support to map an account and a lead field when setting up SFDC sync.

"Fields cannot be mapped" when trying to map 2 custom fields before initial SFDC sync

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Certainly something that we should be able to do as admins

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I completely agree and this is very frustrating. I've been working with an integration that is a complete mess and it would be easier just to start over but I can't.

This would be a great feature to have.

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Agree. Here's the key point: To be an enterprise-class solution, Marketo has to enable change and growth. Even the best-planned integration will need updating as business requirements are refined. I get that mapping database fields at this "metal against metal" integration point is complicated. But as a first step, at least give us the UI to capture the desired remapping and then submit it to Marketo Support for review and implementation.

We migrated to Marketo from Pardot. There are so many features I took for granted that I miss!

Hi Mark,

To help you feel better, create a program in marketo, add plenty of assets and then clone the program. The go back to Pardot and try to clone a whole scenario



That was the capability that sold the digital team on the product. That plus the way better UI.

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