Email Editor 2.0: Make module management much faster with a dedicated wizard


Email Editor 2.0: Make module management much faster with a dedicated wizard

Today, the Email editor 2.0 editor is very slow when adding, removing, cloning or moving modules. The reason is that each time you do such a thing, the code is being posted to the server and retrieved. The whole thing takes a couple of seconds under good network conditions and you have to wait until it's over to do do the next change.

I think we would need a "module wizard" that we could invoke when we need to manipulate multiple modules (which is often the case just after creating the email)

This wizard would enable us to add modules, remove some, clone them and move them without posting to the server. When we are done, we would push a "save button" and only then, the code would be pushed to the server and saved and the email re-rendered.



Hey Greg... forms, modules, wizards.. I'm not really following you here.

What's a form module? What does this have to do with creating an email?

Are you in fact referring to the email editor 2.0?

Hi NIcolas,

I Meant email. My bad Corrected

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I experience 100% the same. I don’t get it why the email editor has to be so slow. I don’t get it why the developers at Marketo has coded their email editor like this. In our company, we also have interactive elements that our users can integrate with. Like moving around different modules, changes text, creating your own module etc. Marketo, you have a system there can automate so many things, and do a lot of smart things, but before you can utilize that, you need to create content! Most of that content has to be created in your email editor, or it could also be on a Marketo landingpage. We use to use Apsis, their email editor was flying. Please Marketo, this most be one of your weakest areas.

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ANYTHING that would help improve the performance of the Email Editor has to be good...

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