Editor 2.0: "Edit Code" (a.k.a "Replace HTML") permission

Editor 2.0: "Edit Code" (a.k.a "Replace HTML") permission

Admins should be able to restrict the right to replace the HTML of emails. In large orgs, corporate wants to prevent users to override the graphical that are set for emails.

In email template v2.0, this feature is now called "Edit Code"


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Thanks Grégoire Michel

This holds very true in larger orgs like mine!!

Frank Passantino​,

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Thanks Grégoire!

I hadn't even realized that this was a capability our sales and marketing users had until I updated to 2.0 in our sandbox instance. The "Edit Code" button is much more prominent than the "Replace HTML" button, which I was aware of, but incorrectly assumed was off limits to anyone without "Edit Email Template" permissions. The presence of the "Edit Code" button caused me to look at it more closely and then, eventually, lead me to this post.

We're in the process of determining how we'll roll out e-mail 2.0 and I'm a little concerned that the prominence of the "Edit Code" button in the UI might prompt users to tamper with the templates we've constructed.

One of the big advantages of templates is that they ensure that users stay on brand. Also, they ensure that all the work we do to construct templates that will hold up across various devices isn't wasted. In my opinion, this gap seriously undermines those advantages.

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