Edit Button Label on Landing Page

Edit Button Label on Landing Page

I would like to be able to edit the button label of a form in the Landing Page asset itself. Best practice is to use Global Forms across the Marketo instance, however this severely limits the buttons labels that are able to be used across all of the landing pages. Ex: Download Now and Register Now. For Content, I think conversion rates would benefit to be able to tailor the button label by page/offer.

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You can use a ${mktoVariable} for this. The feature essentially already exists.

Hi Sanford Whiteman​,

Thanks for the reply! So I would use the ${mktoVariable} to create a dropdown list of different Button Label options and use the ${mktoVariable} as the Button Label in the Global Form? Do you know if this has been done before/tested?


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Well, not a dropdown since that type of widget doesn't exist. But a text field. And it's absolutely been done.

Ah okay, a text field. Awesome, thanks! I can wait to implement this.

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