Download an Email's HTML with token values included

Download an Email's HTML with token values included

Hi all,

this article ( describes how to download an email's HTML. But these downloads come without token values, which I consider unfortunate. Wouldn't it be possible to include token values here? That'd make the Download HTML function much more valuable.

Tell me about it, we have to create 2 emails. One for our channel partners to use (by downloading the HTML) and one for the program utilising the tokens.
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Here's what we do to workaround it: Create your channel partner email with tokens as you do with your internal program mails. Preview that email, right-click into into the WYSIWYG area, select "View frame source" (not available in IE, I think) and copy that frame source into a new HTML document.

Not the most elegant solution, but it works.
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Works perfectly for email. Thanks for the tip. I am guessing it is not something that was productized somehow.

What about landing pages? Doing a save as does  not seemt to provide a single HTML file. The form seems to be left out.

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