Design Studio Enhancements - CSS and Test Lab

Design Studio Enhancements - CSS and Test Lab

I would like to submit the idea of some design studio enhancements that would really simplify some processes.

First off, a full design lab where we can test how templates pages would look inside of specific programs.  Right now, because I rely so heavily on tokens, I have to make changes to a template, approve the template, then go to the LP, approve that and test it.  It would be nice to have a lab where I could adjust a template and have a live view of how a LP inside of a program looks with those changes.  Especially when I'm working with CSS.

We really need a better way to update CSS. If I want to make the smallest change to a font I have to open the template, make the change, approve the template then re-approve every page that template references.  When you have a lot of pages, it's a bit of a PITA.

Also, a JavaScript lab or Fiddle type area would be nice.  I often pass tokens into my JS so I have to do live tests and it's a PITA to make multiple approvals.

Lastly, an integrated PDF viewer.  As you're probably aware, Chrome and FF no longer support NPAPI, so viewing PDFs in browser has to be done through a third party system.  Google has a nice one, but it would be better if it could be integrated into Marketo so that I could just set a link as a PDF with either a View or Download parameter.

Thanks! These will be nice christmas treats for me.


HI Robb,

with regards to how we work with CSS, I submitted this idea   that would enable to use most of CSS & JS editors on the market seamlessly, as they all support SFTP synch.


And you also find a few things here :


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I'm not a fan of Guided Landing Pages.  I looked at them, but I think they have shortcomings.  Mostly, you're still tied to de-centralized content.  If you wanted to run 2 version of pages or you wanted to roll out massive new template changes you'd need to recreate each page.  When the content is tokenized it's separated from the template so if I need to make major changes or I want to use a different template I need to manage two different sets of content.

I do like a lot the PDF reader. It could also be extended to log actions done by the user with the PDF such as printing it or saving it, or simply to monitor how long the lead keeps it opened.


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