Dependent Fields on Forms

Dependent Fields on Forms

It would be great to have fields that are dependent on previous answers.  

For example if I'm setting up appointments at an event, maybe the event is Monday - Wednesday, but the hours / my availability is different by day.
  • What day would you like to meet?
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
  • What time would you like to meet?
    • List of options specific to the day chosen
There are many other examples of usage, and this is farily standard functionality in many form / survey systems out there.  While it can be done with javascript, that isn't scalable.  It would be great to have this as a native capability.

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Forms 2.0. It's coming.
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Another use case would be for Country and State fields. If the country is not United States, the state field goes away, or doesn't show the same drop down options, or turns into a text field.

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Use Visibility Rules for this.  They already exist.

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Yeah, I though of that and found this exact workflow shortly after thinking about of this use case. Thanks, Sanford!

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