Date Token Format

Date Token Format

There should be a way to edit date tokens to show in a day-month-year format. Currently it appears as year-month-day.

When we tested the below token in a payment reminder email, the field shows as 7/8/14 in Salesforce, but shows as 2014-07-18 in the email. We want to edit it to appear as 7-18-2014. 

{{lead.Next Payment Due Date:default=soon}}

Because we cannot edit the date token format, we have to use the 2014-07-18 format or say "your payment is due soon" which we feel is a poor customer experience. 

I recommend making this a future enhancement. And looking at other ideas posted, it seems this has been an issue since 2012. What plans do you have to resolve this issue in the future? 
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For tokens used in emails, the scripting could be a short term solution.

It would be quick and simple: read the date, convert into string and then use substrings to display the the intended format.
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