Current User Signature Fields - Sales Insight

Current User Signature Fields - Sales Insight

We've come across a few hurdles lately where we have been trying to dynamically assign a signature to any Lead or Contact inside of Sales Insight based on the individual sending the message.  If we had one to one coverage this wouldn't be an issue but in our industry we have multiple channels reaching out to the same Leads which puts us in our current predicament. 

We are still trying to come up with workarounds to handle our issue but if this functionality were added it would be very helpful.

Thank you

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I am rolling MSI out to our team, and we have a team selling/prospecting model. This is so neccessary for us. I see the emails sent from the logged-in user, so hoping we can pull in their SFDC signature as well.

I have the same requirement. Is there any work around?

So I am currently working on this as follows:

  • Create a Email Signature Master Template
  • Create an Email Signature in Design Studio for each Sales Rep
  • Create snippets for all "fields" in the signature that need to change per rep
  • Sub in the relevant snippets into the Sales Reps signature
  • Expose the Signature into MSI
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