Create true "Untracked" landing pages


Create true "Untracked" landing pages

Currently, when one creates a landing page template and sets the "disable munchkin tracking", the only thing that it does if the lead is know is that it does not record the page visit. But the lead is still "recognized" by Marketo, if lead tokens are inserted in the LP, theyr are populated and if a forms is in the page, it will be prefilled (as long as prefill option is activated).

For the moment, in order to do this, you need some coding (see the whole thread here Non-trackable landing page is still identifying me  ​, thx Dan Stevens​) and even though, the solution is not full perfect.

This idea is to be able to create templates that an option on template or LPs would enable to make completely passive with regards to tracking : no recognition of the visitor, no cookie read nor set (even if a Marketo cookie exists).

The business case si many, form forms for sales on tradeshow to pages that enable telemarketing to input new leads.


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