Create notifications for SFDC Sync Failures

Create notifications for SFDC Sync Failures

I propose Marketo allow us the add in a Details constraint into the "Synched to SFDC" filter and trigger so we can operationalize workflows to inform us when a record fails to sync. I would like to be able to create an alert that fires off to my Operations team with the lead info and include the Details on the Sync failure so that both Marketo Ops and SFDC Ops are aware of something going wrong.

Currently this is a manual process where we have to look into our workflows that sync records to SFDC and manually extract the lead information including the failure reason.  This is time consuming and not an efficient way to ensure that all records are coming over as expected.

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The inability to broadly seek out SFDC errors in Marketo is quite problematic! 

The documentation shows how to create Smartlists for new leads (i.e. if SFDC Type is blank), but with the majority of data preexisting for most this is neither wholeistic nor useful when trying to diagnose common error types, outside of following Notifications for CRM Sync errors or exporting Campaign Results tab and sifting through the activity log in Excel.  Would love to be able to run Interesting Moments for SFDC sync errors or to send internal alerts to teams when erroneous data or other sync errors cause people to miss integration with SalesForce.  

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We see problems often around this time of year when new campaigns are being created in SFDC and perhaps it wasn't set to In Progress before lead routing was set up, or when existing programs in Marketo haven't been updated to route leads to In Progress campaigns in SFDC and failures occur.  Likewise, something SFDC updates might change a setting that causes leads to not sync over.  We have to manually hunt these down and it's time consuming and inefficient.

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Completely agree. This is table stakes.

Does anyone know if it is possible to extract the details of Sync errors through the API?

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I would also be really interested in this answer.  It seems possible since the developer documentation suggest many activity types from lead activities can be extracted.  Another (paid) option I'd heard about that might be useful is DigitalPi's Omega for Marketo Performance Diagnostics. 

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And now I see that this has been proposed as far back as 2011.


Apparently this isn't in their roadmap.

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