Company Lead Score

Company Lead Score

Aggregate the lead scores of contacts within an organization to create a Company Lead Score.

Marketo users are able to deliver content that helps progress relationships based on a contacts Lead Score.  However, we're unable to do the same based on the interest level across an organization.

Assume that the lead scores of 3 people from Disney progress because of certain actions taken:
Contact 1 - Downloaded a white paper about Oracle Financials - (Lead Score +5)
Contact 2 - Downloaded a white paper about Siebel  - (Lead Score +5)
Contact 3 - Downloaded a white paper about - - (Lead Score +5)

Each contact's lead score is 5, however, their Aggregate Company Lead Score is 15.

If there was a Company Lead Score in Marketo that rolled up the lead scores of contacts within an organizaiton, users would be in a better position to act on companies where interest is high.

We are now using Company Lead score to drive our inside sales program.

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Marketo folks, is it possible for you to comment on whether this has made it onto your roadmap?

We really need an account (or preferably parent account) score and are looking to develop it in the near future. But if you're going to be it sometime soon, we'd be much happier to use an off-the-shelf solution.
This would literally save me hours of research. Similar to comments above, while individual leads can guide potential partner status by lead score, a company lead score would be invaluable.
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If you're converting leads into contacts within accounts, you can can use a tool called rollup helper to achieve this. Simply create a new field on your account record called "Aggregate Company Score" and point rollup helper to take the scores of all contacts and add them up and place them into that field. Then you'll have access to that fields data on each marketo lead record.

While you're at it, you could also add an average/max score calculation too. 
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Have you (or anyone) tried Rollup Helper? Our SFDC programmers said they had implemented it for another business unit and had to immediately shut it down for performance issues. Kinda makes sense, if it is aggregating lots of data from one object to another all the time. If one has a fairly large database, this could result in a ton of database hits.

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Hi Ed,

We are using rollup helper now for this purpose as well as some others. Just last night we also had to disable it temporarily as we believe it may be deleting some data it shouldn't be. In the sandbox it worked perfectly though -- and we're still working to identify the root cause of the issue.

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There are multiple challenges to come up with an effective account engagement score, its not just about calculating account score based on the lead scores. Biggest challenge is to have single representation of an account in Marketo, as account data can vary e.g. IBM = International Business Machine or Google = Alphabet = Nest etc. and come from various sources.

There is a good news though, that Marketo 2016 Roadmap includes 'Account Based Marketing' which includes account score as the primary focus.  There is no specific timelines set on the release yet.

It would be great if you can share more ideas on Account scoring or ABM in general as a topic. Please reach out to me directly at '' and I will share more details on this topic.


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Hi Mahesh Jeswani​,

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