Community Ideas - hide profile image and name of those who downvote an idea

Community Ideas - hide profile image and name of those who downvote an idea

In a Community product idea post, there is a Vote History feed on the righthand side so you can see the profile information for a user who has upvoted or downvoted the idea:


Let's face it, many ideas posted are either complete duplicates of previous ideas that the user was not aware were already posted, or they are simply not useful at all. Hence, the downvote option is necessary. However, I do not want my profile image, profile info, or company name being associated with my downvote. The Community should have an option to hide the profile image and information of a user who downvotes an idea.


Hi Devraj,

I am no sure I like this one in fact (although I did not downvote it  ). The reason being that I feel that we should be allowed to downvote an idea without causing an incident and being harassed by the author of the idea... I might be naive here And if downvoting is becoming a problem, then better suppress the possibility to downvote.

On the other end, I have posted about 400 ideas in the community, and not all of them are that good. I feel interesting to be able to engage in a conversation about an idea to better understand why others do not think it good. I even remember having corrected some of my ideas after some discussions with Sanford Whiteman​ for instance.

At the end of the day, it's the whole philosophy of the community and the principle of ideas that is at stake. Fair criticism and corrections have to be possible. Without it, how would we make some progress?

Janet Dulsky​, what do you think ?


Hi Greg,

Much appreciate the comment. I agree that a downvoter should not have to feel they are too exposed or potentially become harassed by an idea author. However, my intent was simply that I do not believe it is necessary to display the downvoter's information. I also agree that all ideas should be up for criticism, but not all downvoters are going to comment why they downvoted or offer potential workarounds or other options in lieu of the idea. Therefore, if all there is is a downvote, then there is no reason to display the downvoter's information. If downvoters are compelled and motivated to comment on better workarounds or options for the idea, they should.

It is also a much better way to monitor and track that I have already viewed and considered an idea. As of now, if I do not upvote or downvote, I may lost track and believe I never considered an idea. Oftentimes I will not vote at all if I think it's a bad idea instead of actually downvoting.

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Grégoire Michel​ and Devraj Grewal​, interesting conversation. I have to say that I lean to the side of full transparency because that is the ethos of our community. If you're going to take an action/discussion/comment, I think it's important to feel comfortable owning that action/discussion/comment. In fact, our Community Guidelines talk about approaching all conversations with respect even if someone disagrees with you. On a separate note, I think it's probably a moot point as I don't believe we can do that within Jive.

Thanks for the great discussion!


Thx for you input Janet

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