Child Program System for Attribution of Offer-Channel

Child Program System for Attribution of Offer-Channel

While I know we can use child programs, these may not work effectively with what I propose:

Programs can be Offers or Channels, not both. Under the current system, we can attribute a Success to an Offer or Channel and sometimes multiple Channels that lead to the same Offer.

For detail on the idea, see

What I'd like to do is have a Program Offer at the top level and then sub-programs by Channel that are pullling in leads from the various external platforms like AdWords, LinkedIn, etc.

Then a report would be generated that says:

Whitepaper X had 100 leads register with 5 Channels. Channel Y obtained 10 leads with 5 Opps and Channel Z has 57 leads with 2 Opps. The CPL is...the ROI per Channel is...

Each Program could be synced to an SFDC campaign, but doesn't have to be. Each program still has success statuses, but they wouldn't overlap. That is, if I look at the Whitepaper X Offer, I see 100 successes with a Cost per Success based on the hierarchy cost, just like in SFDC Campaigns. If I look at Channel Z, I see that it is associated with a Whitepaper Offer and it has 57 successes at $G cost.

Then I could run a few reports that say

For all Whitepaper Offers, Channel Z is the worst performing in terms of Opportunities created, but avg sale is the best.
For all Offers that used Channel Z, how well did we do?

You can do this with SFDC Campaigns, but I'd like to see this built into Marketo so that it's easy to setup and doesn't require a lot of cloning or steps.

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Brian Theodore​ should take a look at this idea.

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I'm longing for these features, it would make things so much more straightforward (especially for beginners like me). Do you think this is ever going to be implemented?

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