Be able to use tokens to assign a CRM task

Be able to use tokens to assign a CRM task

When assigning a task, we have only a limited list of possible choices: We can only assign the task to the lead owner or to a specific user. It's impossible to use token.

Typically, when importing a list of leads, we would like to be able to assign the follow-up tasks to an SFDC user specified in an import field.

Another use case would be to set a program token that would define a specific SFDC user who should call back all registrants to an event.

So it would be great if we could use a token to assign a task.

The token would contain either an SFDC ID or and SFDC username.


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We really need to assign a task to a particular rep, who would be assigned based on a field value in a list load or if a field on the lead was set in SFDC (IST Rep, being a lookup to User).  Seems so simple!

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