Audit tracking for changes and access

Audit tracking for changes and access

Would it be possible to get audit tracking for changes made to assets, templates, and campaigns?

I spoke with tech support to see if there is any option or ability like this in Marketo and was told that they even have a limited access to this function that requires special access.  I am very surprised this functionality is missing in Marketo since it is an essential tool for keeping track of assets and campaigns.  Even Eloqua gives a last edited date/time and the name of who made the change.

I am in need of this functionality due to changes being made to correct, approved  and active assets and campaigns.  Lately we have been noticing that campaigns that were correct and approved are coming back changed.  Sometimes it is small changes like a status step being changed to the wrong status and other times it is major changes to campaign flows.  I have also had full changes within templates dissapear one week to the next that then requires more time to re-implement (4 hours worth of template changes around spaces in token urls) .  Unfortunately we cannot turn around and say who made the changes since Marketo does not have any kind of audit tracking.

I cannot believe I would be the only one looking for this functionality and hopefully others will chime in and help get this pushed up the pike to be implemented.

Thank you!
Lori Mann

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This would be really great to have, as it becomes difficult to keep an audit of changes when 20+ users are working in the same instance of Marketo. 

Great Idea Lori !!
Community Manager
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