Asset level tags

Asset level tags

It would be nice to be able to set tags at asset level, as we can do at program level. This would enable to better filter them on reporting (such as landing page performance, email performance, email link performance). The assets within a program would also inherit the program's tags, and it should be possible to override the values at asset level.

We would be able to define tags as mandatory, to make sure that the user does not forget to set them.



In conjunction with this idea:   would make subscription center much easier to manage.

Tags on image assets would also help make it easier to find relevant images in our library.

Echoing the benefits to subscription center and reporting---this would drastically reduce the chance of missing homemade exclusion lists and the manual effort to group email reports via naming conventions. Would save a lot of potential headaches

Has anything come of the idea for asset-level tagging? I'd like to tag individual smart campaigns within a greater default program, but don't seem to have that functionality. Anyone know if it's in the works?

Hi Sarah,

The Sky UX will offer the possibility to add labels at all levels, down to assets in a program. But I am not sure it has other utility than searching and filtering.


It’s a start – thank you!

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