Allow {{my.Tokens}} in visited web page triggers, filters, and choice steps

Allow {{my.Tokens}} in visited web page triggers, filters, and choice steps

It should be possible to place a {{my.Token}} in a trigger such as "Visited Web Page URL Contains" and have the token value resolve properly. Currently this isn't the case - Marketo appears to interpret the token name literally, rather than the value it represents, so using a token in a trigger like this won't allow the trigger to fire properly.


Why does this matter?

The beauty of tokens is they allow you to make programs that are highly template based, with 95% of their appearance, content, and behavior set in one central place. But this sort of thing is weirdly not supported, and needs to be manually set. It's easy to forget when every other aspect of your program is token-based, and just creates extra work that really shouldn't be necessary.

Logically, tokens should work here, because we're talking about a local asset. They work great in most front-end assets,  and actually are supported in some cases in smart campaign flowsteps such as interesting moments or data value concatenation. But it's strange that they work in some situations, and not others. Allowing tokens to work here makes the functionality a lot more predictable and reliable to work with.

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The work around I have found so far  is to use the token only for the final part of the link ({{my.CTA_Link}} and to trigger on START WITH Of course this only works if you have one link only and I only used in in emails for CLICKS LINK IN EMAIL.

Completely agree with this.  Would be nice if you could do this for any trigger, especially the email ones.  Automate those email program progression steps. 


I am going to try this workaround... I've used Contains with the /{{my.CTA_link}} trigger and couldn't get it to fire.  Thanks for the tip.

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Tokens aren't supported at all within the Smart Lists of Smart Campaigns. So not sure how this would be a workaround.

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Hi Dan, as I said, I used it only in emails and that left part of the link that was not tokenized ( that I could use in a smart list.

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That's interesting, Alex. Are you saying then that have been successful in using tokens in a trigger/filter within the smart list of a smart campaign?  My understanding was that they weren't supported at all in smart lists.

As I mentioned in another post, it would be helpful to have a comprehensive guide from Marleto that specific states where tokens can be used in smart campaigns. For example, there are some fields - like Acquisition Program Name - that won't accept a token, even in a flow step.

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The workaround I use is to append the token name as the hash of the URL. That is,



So the URL will always contain the literal string "#videoURL," "#pdfURL," etc.

Munchkin helpfully includes the hash in the Visit Web Page (it's debatable whether this should be the default behavior, but it helps us here!)

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Somewhat - in that I did not use the token in the smart list. My token held only the second part of the URL and I triggered on clicks link in email, link contains "". Of course that only works if you have only one link with that structure.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying. So it sounds like there still is no way to use tokens in the smart list of a smart campaign. There are a bunch of related ideas to this already. I think we need a simple "allow tokens in smart lists of smart campaigns" idea. I'll create it next time I'm at my computer.

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Here's a basic idea for allowing tokens within smart lists of smart campaigns: