Allow filtering on Opportunity fields

Allow filtering on Opportunity fields

In the "Remove from Flow" step, it's not possible to filter on Opportunity fields. This should be added as a feature to as many filters as possible.

Workarounds with trigger campaigns are not ideal because they split the logic in so many elements that one might loose the overview.
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Hey Andreas,

You can create a smart list with your 'Has Opportunity' parameters and then use Member of Smart list in the flow step choice to reference this.
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Hi Kenny,

thanks a lot for offering another workaround, might check it out with the user. Unfortunately we are currently seeing issues with smart lists timing out (there's a case open about this) which is why I am hesitant on utlizing smart lists with opportunity filters at the moment.
Besides that, I believe that users should be enabled to define as much as possible in the the configuration of one campaign to have as much elements of a 'process' displayed at a glance as possible.

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