Allow deletion of "overridden" tokens, to return them to "inherited" status

Allow deletion of "overridden" tokens, to return them to "inherited" status

I have a token in a child program, named {{my.Example}}, and it is nested inside a parent engagement program. The parent program also has a token named {{my.Example}}. Because the name of the token in the child program matches the name of the token in the parent program, it is listed as an overridden token, with the value of the token in the child program replacing the value in the parent program when it is used inside the child program.

For example, if I set the {{my.Example}} token to "mother" in the parent program, and "son" in the child program, any place within the parent program where {{my.Example}} appears, the word "mother" will be rendered, except when it appears inside the child program, in which case "son" will be rendered instead. The problem is that if I ever want to release control of the {{my.Example}} token within the child program so that it no longer controls the value of that token at the level of the child program, I cannot.

In my example, this means that there is no means by which I can make the child program refer to the parent so that {{my.Example}} will render "mother". Instead, if I want to make {{my.Example}} the same in both the parent and the child, I have to set it in both places. This defeats the purpose of having inherited tokens in the first place. I propose that this be addressed by allowing me to delete the overridden token, thus allowing it to show up as an inheritted token that gets its value from the parent.


I agree with you, this is definitely not desirable behavior. Frank Passantino​ is working in this area now and we will see if we can resolve this.

I am really confused here. I was implementing a token strategy before Summit this year – (while I may be going nuts and likely am) I swear I was able to  able to delete overridden tokens which would restore them to the inherited/parent value. Was there an unannounced beta that my instance was apart of or some bugged bug that unbugged the buggyness of this particular bug? #token

Another year has gone by and this bug is still alive and well.

David​ - your confusion is well deserved. Yes, generally you can delete overridden tokens and by that set them back to their inherited state. But under certain conditions - after cloning e.g. or having an older folder token than the token in the program or whatever these conditions might be - you cannot.

The "We like it" flag becomes a little stale, if no action ever follows.

That sounds about right with my experience as well. Glad to know I am not going nuts . (this time at least)

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Charles Thompson​, will you send me an email on this for us to chat. I have tried reproducing this, but I am able to successfully delete the overridden token and it moves back into the inherited section.

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Frank Passantino​ I am seeing the same issue on my end. Parent and child programs have the exact token names and values but the child program still shows the token as overriden. It currently can't be deleted or moved back to inherited.

Can I email you abut this as well?

The issue with inherited tokens and inability to delete and restore to the parent typically occurs when a token is used inside a <div>{{my.example}}</div> container or in a flow step. Typically if a {{my.token}} is used as a send From Email Address, subjectline, css, image/style attribute inside the "<"of the html code"/>", or nested inside a landing page ${LandingPagePlaceHolder} -- I can successfully delete and restore the token. With that said, if the token is not text or placed in a location other than those mentioned deletion does not always work.Just a few cents.

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Makes sense to me, the token I'm referring to is inside a div. So I'm wondering if tokens inside divs not getting restored is a bug or just a feature that hasn't been added yet.