Advanced field visibility logic

Advanced field visibility logic

Right now Forms 2.0 field visibility rules are only OR statements which seems counterintuitive because you cannot show a field only if multiple criteria are met. Unless someone has figured out a workaround, you can only show/hide a field based on a single criteria.

It would be great if there was advanced logic similar to smart lists that would allow you to say ALL filters, ANY filters, or something in between. 
As of the July release, you'll be able to use "Hide" instead of "Show," which will allow you to achieve this:

Show X if A is not canada AND if B is not true

is equivalent to 

Hide X if A is canada OR if B is true
Woohoo! This is a good start to my day 🙂

Hello Justin Cooperman, I've seen this response on a few posts but I know it's old.  In current Marketo Forms, is the  above statement still true.  My interpretation is that Show logic is AND/ALL and Hide logic is OR.  Other documentation seems to imply that all visibility criteria is OR.  I'm looking to determine how best to implement when i have two conditions and want to show a field if one of the two conditions are met not if both.  

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VRs are OR.  What are the exact conditions -- are they 2 conditions on the same field?

I am looking for a field to be visible if condition A is true OR if condition B is true.  So i'm using Show if "Field A is true"  "Field B is true".  I was confused by your statement of Show/Hide above and throught that maybe Show logic was AND and Hide logic was OR. 

Thanks for responding so quickly. 

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Right, you've set up an OR condition as it's always OR.

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