Add an area called "Field Description" to Field Management


Add an area called "Field Description" to Field Management

EDITED ON 1/9/2020 TO ADD: This functionality already exists so please scroll down to see screenshots on how to do it. However, the functionality to export the field descriptions does not yet exist. Please vote for this existing idea:  

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Many times there are times you need to know the purpose of a field, especially when you have multiple fields that are similar. It would be awesome for the Field Management section to include a text area for each field that admins could use to describe the purpose of the field or mapping. We often keep track of that information in a spreadsheet, but that is cumbersome and hard to track when working in Marketo.


I'm a bit confused on this ask—are you referring to something separate from the existing description today on individual fields?


(The UI to add descriptions and its locking of lines for multi-line descriptions is wonky, I'll give you that.)

Hi Courtney 

I'm actually speaking about the field management section. The goal would be to have an area in the field management section where you could put custom notes into Marketo about how the field is used. I made a quick example with pink text of what I mean. This would be a way to keep track of the fields that need a little more explanation or context.


Again, I'm a little confused--how is that different than the existing description aside from UX/placement? I'm not trying to be obstinate but just trying to understand how that differs from today's description, which can be added under the field name per my screenshot.

Courtney, I had no idea you could do that. All these years and I missed that. Thank you!

I do think it would be excellent if you could export that as part of your field export. 

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Maybe change the idea to that?

Thanks! I edited the post to make it clear that it already exists and linked to an existing idea that addresses exporting the field. Let's give that idea some love

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