Add Guided LP functionality to email templates and more...

Add Guided LP functionality to email templates and more...

The new guided landing page templates are great as it enable significant improvement in template dynamics through variables and also reduce errors with the use of elements.

Would you please add the same functionality to email (text, snippet and image elements would be needed, as well as variables) ?

It would be also cool to add the same kind of functionality that I collected for the landing page enhancement idea ( ) :

  • Add toggle variables that can really remove sections from the template, not just hide them
  • Add drop lists to text variables done with the editor 2.0
  • Add drop lists to color variables. We could even use a color palette for color variables, being set by the admin. see
  • Have token picklist for variables, so that when one want to use a token in a variable, he/she can pick and existing token, instead of having to type it or paste it from somewhere else. See
  • Enable minimum scripting to leverage boolean or text variable. for instance, I would have a text variable with 3 possible values and 3 zones. depending on the value in the text variable, only 1 of the 3 zones would appear. Again, toggles have to remove the code, not just hide it
  • Enable to set min and max sizes for images (in pixels), to avoid users to set images either too big (and therefore too heavy to download) or too small. It is important that one can set min / max width, but leave height free, though. See
  • Enable to set max length for text variables
  • Have the "Replace HTML" function to be controlled as a right in roles.
  • Have variable to display (in the email editor) in the order they are created and not in a Marketo arbitrary order. Usually, the designer will create them in an order that makes sense for the future user. Marketo show them in a order than apparently depends on the type of the variable.
  • Have dependent variable, similar to the visibility rules in the Forms 2.0
  • Enable to switch to external path for images and in this case prompt for image URL (Let's say I want to reuse an image from my web site...)
  • Repeating regions. See Guided Landing Page Enhancement: Repeating Region
  • Plain text regions. See Guided Landing Page Enhancement: Plain Text.
  • Make variables "segmentable" (so that we could change color, change a title or make a region visible or not, based on segment).
  • Authorize 2 elements to have the share the same content. In which case they would exactly have the same content and Marketo would control that they are of the same type. The use case of this is that I may have 2 images, one appearing on certain devices and the other appearing on other devices, with a different placement. I would have to enter it once only and the system would make sure that both zones remain identical.
  • Make templates being developed at 2 levels, the template itself, that include the overall frameworks and styles, and also template sub elements, that can be added, placed and reordered freely by the user. See Building modular email templates with snippets ​(Thx Benjamin Arndt​ ). This could also be achieved with reorderable regions, that together with repeating and removables with toggles would provide the same level of functionality.
  • Preprocess emails and inline all styles before sending. See   Thx Brice Dunwoodie

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And also : Have "Replace email HTML" controlled as a right in roles. We do not necessarily want any user to have the right to do this.

Adding the preprocessing and inlining of CSS

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I would LOVE repeatable elements... it's available in Mailchimp but not in Marketo. I hate that my users have to go into the code editor to remove a row or worse, have to copy and paste (and usually break everything) when trying to add something.

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I quadruple that.

Marking this as DONE but feel free to add new ideas for stuff that isn't supported in the new Email Editor 2.0

Still, here is the list of elementary features that are still pending and would be great if part of the 2.1


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New email template 2.0 system is a great step but one major missing element listed above that negates 90% of the value of variables in emails for us is non-inlining of CSS prior to send. Without it we still face the dreaded Gmail stripping of embedded css/classes.

Hi Casey,

You already can inline the template. It's not as perfect as inlining the final email, but it's already doing quite a good job if the template has been well designed.


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